AUGamers "1.1.3" MineCraft News

AUGamers has now created our own mod pack to give all our players the best playing experience without all the griefing headaches. We have added tons of mods for long playtime and everything is running on the latest version with all the content. There is a list of installed mods below and you can post on our forum any mod that you believe would add additional play content.

Technic Mod Pack Address: Server Address:

Installed Mods include:

WorldBorder 1.7.6
TuxTwoLib 1.6.4-b3
GroupManager 2.0 (2.12.1) (Phoenix)
MultiInv 3.2.7-dev
WorldEdit 5.5.8
BukkitCompat R22A
CoreProtect 2.0.8
EasyTxCommands 1.0.1
Vault 1.2.27-b349
GriefPrevention 7.7
Votifier 1.9
PingReply 1.3.2
mcMMO 1.4.08-dev1-b3407
WorldGuard 5.8
Essentials 2.12.1
SimpleVoteListener 2.6
EssentialsSpawn 2.12.1
EssentialsChat 2.12.1

To be part of this fun and wonderful server let me know at